The village of Vestmanna is situated on the northwest coast of Streymoy, the main island, half an hours drive from Torshavn, the main town, and Vagar, the only airport in the Faroes.

With its only 1300 inhabitants, Vestmanna is a medium sized Faroese village. The fishing industry is the main industry, both on sea and land. There is also fish breeding stations as well as other smaller industries.

But Vestmanna is most famous with tourists for its boat tours to the wild Vestmanna Birdcliffs and Grottos.

Vestmanna is also the hometown to one of the earliest hydro power plants in the Faroes. Rainwater is collected in four big dams in the surrounding mountains and transported through pipes down the steep mountain sides to several turbines that produce electricity for many of the islanders. It is possible to drive up to the water dams with a normal car, this gives visitors a unique possibility to visit this great part of the islands.

In recent time new discoveries of Viking remains have been made in Vestmanna. These support the theory that Vestmanna has been one of the first places in the Faroes to be settled. Even the name Vestmanna suggests that "men from west" used to live here. These men were Irish monks that are believed to be the first humans ever to settle in the Faroe Islands more than 1000 years ago.

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Vestmanna as seen from the helicopters of Atlantic Airways.

Did you know?

The catch from local fishermen is a natural ingredient in our seafood soup.

The soup has been on our menu for several years, and today people travel from near and far to taste it.

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